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Communications & Evaluation

Our communications and evaluation teams serve as the backbone of the CAPTC. They provide support across our service areas to amplify our innovative work.
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Who We Are

Our team of experts is seasoned in digital media, strategic communications, and public health.

We know that words matter, especially in a world that is fast-changing and can sometimes feel divided. We are passionate about crafting narratives that ensure organizations connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. With a collaborative approach, we create tailored communications plans that support the CAPTC’s technical assistance and training in tackling the most pressing challenges.

What We Do

We support you by providing comprehensive strategic guidance that advances organizations’ missions. Using a mix of digital, print, and audio methods we can conduct needs assessments, create website content, develop online courses, and more.

We run an internship program three times per year, in which two interns have the opportunity to learn about the fields of public, sexual health, and communications while contributing to the advancement of sexual health equity. Projects span podcast production and promotion for our “Coming Together for Sexual Health” podcast, social media, newsletter writing, and website content development. The position is fully remote and paid! Check our Work with Us page to see if we are currently recruiting.

Three scenes. In the first, 7 people are around a table in a brainstorming montage. The words "Coming together for sexual health podcast" are floating above them. In the second, a sexual health contact tracer is seen at a desk using a headset. in the third, a person in a wheelchair is attending a medical visit with a healthcare provider, and both are wearing masks

Our Resources

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We have a podcast!

Coming Together for Sexual Health interviews guests from a variety of disciplines, discussing the multiple intersecting factors that shape sexual health and wellbeing.

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Our Impact

Read our 2020 Impact Report to discover some of the innovative ways CAPTC responded to the unique challenges confronted in this unprecedented year.

Podcast Episodes: Coming Together for Sexual Health

Coming Together for Sexual Health is a podcast for providers and advocates passionate about health equity and inclusive care. We unpack both the how and the why of improving sexual and reproductive health. From root structural problems to improvements in clinical care, we keep the attention on people most impacted by STIs, HIV, and emerging infectious diseases.

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