We envision an environment where health equity exists for all...

What We Do to Achieve Our Vision

Clinical Consultation

Ensure clinicians are well prepared to meet the needs of their clients/patients.

We believe communication and understanding of new information
and data is essential to clinical workforce development.

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Consultation & Capacity Building

Enhance the ability of organizations and health
departments to meet the needs of their clients.

We believe that by increasing the skills and capacity of
organizations, they can become more agile, adaptable and equitable.

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Train a wide variety of audiences on health equity and related topics.

By using a variety of digital platforms, we can increase
equitable access to information for diverse auditions.

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Join Our Team!

Are you passionate about public health and HIV prevention and care?  We are looking for a person with creativity, leadership skills and experience working with communities impacted by HIV to join our Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) team here at the California Prevention Training Center. As a CBA specialist, you would provide training and technical assistance to state and local health departments around the United States in order to improve the practice of HIV prevention and care.  As part of the CBA program you would work with a team of professionals committed to improving health outcomes. Our team has developed dynamic and innovative trainings on topics such as social determinants of health, responding to stigma, using a strengths-based approach and examining homophobia and transphobia. We also help to inform providers on linkage and retention in care strategies and HIV testing modalities, develop resources, facilitate meetings to improve service provision and influence policy changes.  Our goal is to promote health equity and reduce health disparities related to HIV. If this sounds like a great match for you, please see the full description and job qualifications.

Expert Hour Webinar Series

Our Transgender Health webinar is now archived and available for registration and viewing!

Sexual Healthcare for Transgender Patients

with Madeline Deutsch, MD, MPH

Dr. Madeline Deutsch will introduce us to sexual healthcare for transgender patients and cover the below learning objectives:

1) Describe current CDC recommendations for screening for STIs in transgender patients and recommendations for management of confirmed STIs, based on risk assessment and current anatomy and sexual behaviors.
2) Discuss issues impacting transgender sexual health, such as hormone use, history of gender affirming surgical procedures, and patterns of sexual behavior.
3) Describe a trauma-informed approach to care, including building trust, respectful rapport, and avoiding making any assumptions about presence or absence of specific anatomy, sexual orientation, or sexual practices.


Expert Hour Webinar Series

Our webinar Syphilis 2016 is now archived and available for registration and viewing!

Syphilis 2016: Return of the Great Masquerader

with Sharon Adler, MD, MPH

Dr. Sharon Adler will introduce us to syphilis and cover the below learning objectives:

1. Describe current syphilis epidemiology within the United States.
2. Discuss screening recommendations for syphilis.
3. Describe clinical manifestations, diagnostic approach, staging and management of syphilis.


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