Workforce Development

Two researchers in a lab

CAPTC is highly engaged in health workforce development initiatives. We create trainings and activities aimed at improving the skills, knowledge, and capacity of healthcare professionals to meet the changing needs of the healthcare system and deliver high-quality care. This includes training programs, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities. Our goal is to ensure a skilled and prepared healthcare workforce capable of providing effective care.

Public Health 101 (CDPH)

CAPTC supports the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in fulfilling a long-standing need for a basic public health course for all CDPH staff. Some local health department (LHD) staff will be eligible to take this course as well. This course consists of two modules that introduce public health in California followed by 9 modules dedicated to the public health domain competency areas developed by CDPH. The course will be available on-demand for staff to access at their convenience. All trainings developed under this project will be highly interactive and engaging for learners. The goal of this program is to assure all new and existing CDPH staff share a common understanding of public health in general and, more specifically, how it is organized in California.

International Work

CAPTC has extensive in-person and virtual experience providing training support, technical assistance, capacity building, and mentorship to international partners from Southeast Asia to Africa. Topics include self-disclosure, mental healthcare, case investigation, development of implementation materials (e.g., SOPs, job aids, curricula), and training programs for foreign governmental public health authorities. We tailor our trainings to the client’s specific needs and cultural context.