PrEP Resources

Provider Guidance

National Clinician Consultation Cente (855) 448-7737 or (855) HIV-PrEP, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 8 pm ET

National Clinician Consultation Center PrEP Quick Guide

AAHIVM (American Academy of HIV Medicine) Injectable PrEP Guidelines

AAHIVM Long-Acting Agent Resource Center

NYC Long-Acting Injectable PrEP Learning Collaborative

Access and Financing

Seminar on RNA testing for PrEP video and slides January 19, 2023
Injectable PrEP Update video October 13, 2022
Seminar on Financing and Logistics Part 2 video and slides July 7, 2022
Seminar on Financing and Logistics Part 1 video April 28, 2022

Information on access and financing in California

Protocols and Guidelines

Baltimore City Health Department Draft Protocol for Long-Acting Injectable PrEP Pilot

Denver Sexual Health Clinic PrEP Patient Education

Denver Sexual Health Clinic PrEP Protocol

Injectable PrEP Implementation at Baltimore City Health Department (Download PowerPoint)

Injectable PrEP Implementation at the Rapid Access Wellness Clinic (Download PowerPoint)

Columbia University Medical Center Injectable PrEP Guidance

Timeline for Injectable PrEP (Download PowerPoint)

Sample spreadsheet for managing injectable PrEP cohort – CARE Center, Long Beach (Download spreadsheet)

University of Miami pre-assessment questionnaire and checklist

University of Miami patient agreement form

Improving PrEP Care for Trans and Gender Diverse People

PrEP Access and Financing

PrEP Costs

PrEP Coverage

California PrEP Financing Update, December 15, 2021