Tamara Ooms, RN, MS, FNP

Program Manager and Clinical Consultant

Tamara Ooms, RN, MS, FNP has worked in sexual and reproductive health for over twenty years as a nurse practitioner, clinical consultant, and manager. Her clinical work has focused on the care of underserved people in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily at San Francisco City Clinic where she worked as a nurse practitioner for eight years. Tamara’s previous work as a consultant for the CAPTC and CDPH included clinical consultation for the STD Warmline, provider education and training, and research and writing for STD policy and program initiatives.

As an educator, Tamara’s teaching focus is on STD diagnosis and management as well as LGBT health and she is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the UCSF Department of Family Health Care Nursing. Most recently, Tamara was the nurse manager at San Francisco City Clinic for four years where she was responsible for clinic operations, compliance, and clinical quality improvement. Tamara recently moved to Portland, OR where she will be working remotely for the CAPTC.