STD Clinical Update Webinar – Congenital Syphilis Update for CA Pediatric Providers

May 25, 2021

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) continues to see dramatic statewide increases in cases of congenital syphilis (CS), a severe yet preventable condition when syphilis is passed from mother to fetus.

This webinar, presented by the California Prevention Training Center, features Dr. Kelly Johnson, infectious disease physician from UCSF and Dr. Nael Mhaissen, pediatric infectious diseases specialist from Valley Children’s Hospital.

They will discuss CS epidemiology, clinical presentation, and neonatal management. Finally, they will discuss ways providers can help stem the rising tide of CS.

Drs. Mhaissen and Johnson cover the following learning objectives for this webinar:

  1. Describe California’s CS epidemiology
  2. Recognize the clinical manifestations of CS
  3. Discuss CS diagnosis, evaluation, and management
  4. Report all laboratory-confirmed and clinically-suspected cases of CS to public health