STD Expert Hour Webinar – PrEP: What’s the 2- 1-1?

August 13, 2019

Dr. Oliver Bacon facilitates an audience-led panel discussion with PrEP Experts and covers the following learning objectives for this webinar:

  1. Be familiar with the evidence supporting 2-1-1 PrEP (also known as on-demand PrEP, sex-based PrEP, and pericoital PrEP)
  2. Be able to counsel patients on the details of 2-1-1 dosing, including how to switch between 2-1-1 and daily PrEP
  3. Be familiar with the current thinking about how to offer 2-1-1 dosing (who would & would not benefit from 2-1-1 dosing, how to prescribe, & follow-up care)