2021 Implementing the CDC STI Treatment Guidelines: A Conversation for Family PACT Providers

The long-awaited 2021 CDC Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Guidelines were published in MMWR on July 22, 2021. This webinar will focus on significant changes from the 2015 CDC STD Treatment Guidelines, including updated guidelines for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, pelvic inflammatory disease, genital herpes, Mycoplasma genitalium, and vaginal trichomoniasis. To assist health care providers in obtaining a sexual history, the updated “Five P’s” approach will be reviewed. In addition, current Family PACT benefits for each type of sexually transmitted infection discussed in the program will be explained.

Learning Objectives:

  • List 3 examples of sexual history questions for each the “Five P’s” of sexual history taking
  • Explain why the treatment guidelines for both chlamydia and gonorrhea genital tract infections were updated in the 2021 Guidelines
  • List the indications for obtaining chlamydia and gonorrhea samples from the anus and the oropharynx
  • Describe the consequences of Mycoplasma genitalium genital infection in males and females
  • List 2 updates in the 2021 Guidelines regarding vaginal trichomoniasis