Extragenital Screening

Don’t forget to swab! Among men who have sex with men, 84% of gonorrhea and chlamydia infections would be missed with urine-only screening1. Make sure your clients are screened for gonorrhea and chlamydia of the throat and rectum.

3 cotton swabs
What:Extragenital Screening for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
Where:Rectum and throat
Who:Men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender women, people living with HIV, and people on PrEP who report having receptive anal and/or oral sex
When:At least annually, or every 3 to 6 months as needed based on exposure
Why:  When urine-only screening is performed, up to 90% of rectal gonorrhea and 77% of rectal chlamydia infections remain untreated1. HIV-negative men diagnosed with rectal infections are excellent candidates for PrEP, because they have a high risk of HIV infection
How: Swab specimen (self or clinician-collected swab)

The California Prevention Training Center supports clinics and providers in implementing rectal and pharyngeal STI screening.

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  1. Marcus JL, Bernstein KT, Kohn RP, Liska S, Philip SS. Infections missed by urethral-only screening for chlamydia or gonorrhea detection among men who have sex with men. Sexually transmitted diseases. 2011 Oct 1;38(10):922-4.