Many clients in prevention and care settings would like to tell others of their status regarding HIV/STI or other health conditions. By self-disclosing, clients may hope to gain support or offer potentially exposed partners an opportunity to access important services.

Our blended learning course, Supporting Self-Disclosure of a Health Condition, is designed to assist prevention and care providers in supporting their patients to self-disclose to their sexual and/or substance injecting partners.

Nurse with a female patient. The patient is smiling with her hand over he heart.

Blended Learning Modules


Part 1: Online Self-Disclosure Course

The online course introduces disclosure concepts using a four-step model that can be used by providers when engaging in discussions around self-notification with their clients.


Part 2. Skills Practice

The skills-based training offers the opportunity to put those steps into practice. Attendees learn about benefits and barriers to disclosure and how best to coach and practice with a client to help ensure a successful disclosure.

The online training is a prerequisite to the skills-based learning.
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