October 19, 2022


Quality contraceptive care is more than just knowing the facts about all available birth control methods. In order for clients to select methods and get what they want from their birth control, it is crucial to provide contraceptive counseling that helps people identify their preferences in the context of their lives, values, and beliefs. This webinar will review best practices in person-centered contraceptive counseling and offer practical tools for providers to employ in their clinical encounters. 


  • Demonstrate skillful, efficient, person-centered questioning for contraceptive care visits
  • Discuss reproductive desires with clients of any gender and sexual orientation
  • Identify 3 examples of plain language to explain characteristics of contraceptive methods 
  • Demonstrate Affirm-Share-Ask cycles for person-centered communication


Joely Pritzker, MS, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner at Vista Community Clinic

National Trainer for Envision SRH & the PATH Framework Sexual and Reproductive Health Trainer and Consultant

Contributing author for the upcoming 22nd Edition of Contraceptive Technology

Patty Cason, RN, MS, FNP-BC

Assistant Clinical Professor

UCLA School of Nursing

President, Envision SRH