Syringe Services Program Workshop

March 18 and 19, 2021

Hosted by The California Prevention Training Center in partnership with the National Harm Reduction Coalition

Workshop Sessions

The goals of this workshop were:

  1. Enhance best practices for health jurisdictions in the west geographic region of the United States in harm reduction & SSPs during COVID-19
  2. Incorporate effective & genuine involvement of priority populations in program development & delivery
  3. Discuss delivery of HIV and SSP services in nontraditional venue spaces, including telehealth

Download the full agenda.

Panel Discussion 1: Provider Perspective

Loris Mattox, Stephanie Cole, and Heather Bush

Public Health Vending Machines – From Conceptualization to Implementation

Chelsi Cheatom and Jessica A. Johnson

Breakout Session 2: Backwoods Harm Reduction

James Wilson

Breakout Session 3: Meeting People Where They Are–Intersection of Cultural Humility & Harm Reduction

Carsen Beckwith

Panel Discussion 2: Consumer Perspective

Sam Junge, Angie Pittaluga, and Tommy Rayes

Breakout Session 4: Radical Syringe Access – Harm Reduction without Barriers

Sam Junge and Elona Dellabough-Gormley

Breakout Session 5: Unconditional Positive Regard–Intersectionality of Harm Reduction & Spirituality

Jason Norelli

Breakout Session 6: Mobile Harm Reduction, Street Medicine as a Medical Home

Braunz E. Courtney