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March 18 and 19, 2021

Hosted by The California Prevention Training Center in partnership with the National Harm Reduction Coalition

Workshop Sessions

The goals of this workshop were:

  1. Enhance best practices for health jurisdictions in the west geographic region of the United States in harm reduction & SSPs during COVID-19
  2. Incorporate effective & genuine involvement of priority populations in program development & delivery
  3. Discuss delivery of HIV and SSP services in nontraditional venue spaces, including telehealth

Download the full agenda.

Panel Discussion 1: Provider Perspective

Loris Mattox, Stephanie Cole, and Heather Bush

Public Health Vending Machines – From Conceptualization to Implementation

Chelsi Cheatom and Jessica A. Johnson

Breakout Session 2: Backwoods Harm Reduction

James Wilson

Breakout Session 3: Meeting People Where They Are–Intersection of Cultural Humility & Harm Reduction

Carsen Beckwith

Panel Discussion 2: Consumer Perspective

Sam Junge, Angie Pittaluga, and Tommy Rayes

Breakout Session 4: Radical Syringe Access – Harm Reduction without Barriers

Sam Junge and Elona Dellabough-Gormley

Breakout Session 5: Unconditional Positive Regard–Intersectionality of Harm Reduction & Spirituality

Jason Norelli

Breakout Session 6: Mobile Harm Reduction, Street Medicine as a Medical Home

Braunz E. Courtney