Aunsha Hall-Everett, MA

CBA Manager

Aunsha Hall-Everett has over 15 years of experience in Human Services and Public Health, with a focus on community empowerment, organizational wellness, and health promotion. Aunsha has facilitated strategic planning meetings for health departments, AIDS-service organizations (ASOs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and grassroots coalitions – strengthening their growth and sustainability by re-imagining and promoting visions of ending the HIV epidemic. Aunsha prides himself with utilizing user-friendly monitoring and evaluation tools to identify opportunities addressing gaps in services or social determinants, further increasing health literacy, promotion, and efficacy to combating HIV.
Aunsha Hall-Everett holds a Master of Arts in Organization and Leadership Development from Fielding University and is a proud graduate of University of Kentucky, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Family Studies. Aunsha is also a certified aerobics instructor, using a portion of his spare time working with others to live their best life by burning calories and stress. But most of all, Aunsha is the proud father of a beautiful daughter and is always supported and cheered by his loving husband.