Alice Gandelman, MPH

Alice Gandelman, MPH, is the former Director of the California Prevention Training Center (CAPTC) and currently acts as a consultant to the Center. She directed CAPTC from 1994 to 2021, overseeing its training and technical assistance services: STI Clinical Training, Disease Intervention, Capacity Building Assistance Center, Family Planning, and Communication and Evaluation.

CAPTC’s priority populations are health practitioners who deliver preventive health services for patients and clients in a variety of public and private settings. In her directorship, Alice guided the CAPTC in the integration of community, provider, funder, and research agendas to improve capacity-building assistance for health professionals in practice settings.

Prior to directing CAPTC, Alice provided training and capacity-building services throughout the US and internationally (Africa and Asia) in HIV and STI prevention and care.

Her current focus is on integration of social determinants of health, structural interventions, and combination prevention approaches to improve prevention outcomes among persons who are at greatest need, but with limited or no access to services. Her recent work has included helping to strengthen the public health workforce for COVID-19 via related training and capacity-building.

She envisions an environment where health equity exists for all and is committed to supporting health professionals to achieve that vision in their respective communities.