S4 E1: Narcan Queen Kochina Rude on Drag and Harm Reduction

CW: Opioid Overdose, Molestation 

Welcome to our mini-series on Harm Reduction! Host Tammy Kremer sits down with drag queen Kochina Rude to share how she uses her performances to educate the LGBTQ+ community about Naloxone administration, safer partying, and overdose prevention. At her show “Princess,” cohosted with Lisa Frankenstien, Kochina Rude has provided training and 2,000+ doses of Narcan in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood since 2021. 

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Kochina Rude is a Bay Area-based drag queen, harm reduction advocate, and public health worker. She co-hosts the drag show “Princess” with Lisa Frankenstein at SF Oasis, where she established a naloxone distribution and overdose prevention education project for LGBT+ nightlife.