Press Release: Coming Together for Sexual Health Podcast

April 28, 2022

Three scenes. In the first, 7 people are around a table in a brainstorming montage. The words

The California Prevention Training Center is excited to announce that Season 3 of our podcast Coming Together for Sexual Health (formerly known as Speaking Frankly: The State of Sexual Health) will be released on May 4th. Coming Together for Sexual Health is a series of conversations for health professionals that looks at the personal and structural issues that impact sexual health.

As a center that prioritizes collaboration and community engagement, we came together to brainstorm not only new topics for Season 3 but a new name as well. We believe that this collective process, and the name we crafted together, better reflect the CAPTC community and mission. Our goal is to highlight the myriad perspectives we uplift on how mental health, physical health, and systemic barriers to care impact sexual wellbeing.

In Season 3 you’ll hear experts discussing not only their work, but their lived experiences and identities. Andrew Gurza, a queer disability consultant, will share their journey to disability activism and their experiences interacting with the sexual health care system as a person with complex disabilities. We discuss San Francisco’s PrEP Supports campaign, a project focused on empowering Black San Franciscans, with Nikole Trainor and Terrance Wilder—two people who were intimately involved with the campaign. Later in the season, you’ll hear from Dr. Tatyana Moaton and Zami Hemingway on medical mistrust in the transgender community, Becca Schwartz from Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital’s Team Lily on trauma-informed pregnancy care for people facing systemic barriers to care, and more.

Coming Together for Sexual Health promotes sexual health equity by supporting health professionals in exploring the interplay between people’s work, play, and living conditions. The podcast complements other CAPTC trainings through informal, story-based discussions on evidence-based approaches to sexual health. Host Tammy Kremer explores how we can come together to create, in her own words, “a world where all people have the support, information, and access to resources for self-expression and fulfillment sexually and relationally.” Three CAPTC leaders guest host and facilitate conversations based on their areas of expertise.

If you’ve been listening to our podcast since the beginning, thank you for the support. We sincerely appreciate you. Seasons 1 and 2 racked up over 1,300 downloads. If you haven’t, now is a great time to go back and give them a listen– all episodes are still available. Find them wherever you get your podcasts, and on

Give us a shout out on Twitter and Instagram @comingtogetherpod using the hashtag #comingtogetherpod.

Mark your calendars for May 4th to come together for sexual health with the California Prevention Training Center.

See you soon!