Understanding Boundaries

Personal and professional boundaries are an integral part of any provider-client relationship. This is particularly true for those in the medical and social service delivery fields. Boundaries represent invisible structures imposed by legal, ethical, and/or professional standards. The ability to set and maintain boundaries is critical to ensure effective and successful interactions with clients as well as colleagues.

This training explores the importance of personal and professional boundaries. We look at the ways in which maintaining good boundaries improve client relationships and build self-sufficiency. We define what constitutes personal versus professional, and legal versus ethical boundaries. Through didactic learning and experiential exercises, participants work to identify the most appropriate actions in situations that may arise when working with clients or colleagues.

This training is appropriate for any organization that has experienced challenges with boundaries or would like to proactively develop a boundary-aware culture.

Quotes from Previous Participants

This training is essential to our jobs, and I truly appreciate this provided course.

I plan to really to get informed of my department's different policies and procedures. I will also 'tighten up' my boundaries with clients/patients.