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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission

To build the capacity of health care professionals working in HIV, STIs, sexual and reproductive health, and emerging public health needs to deliver high-quality, respectful, and inclusive services.

Our Vision

We envision an environment where health equity exists for all.

Our Philosophy

We use various strategies and tools—trainings, technical assistance, communication strategy, and more—to help organizations create sustainable, strong, and effective structures that support them in realizing their mission.

Our capacity-building services aim to promote human connection and transform healthcare. In that vein, we create learning environments for providers in which they feel safe to reflect on their own beliefs and broader social norms. We promote an ethic of compassion, empathy, and humility. We tackle the toughest public health challenges like implicit bias, medical mistrust, and racism.

While we have deep expertise, we know that you’re the expert in what your communities need. We’ll work beside you to create innovative solutions to the challenges you’re facing.

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