HIV Status Disclosure

The decision to disclose one’s HIV positive status can be a complex and emotionally difficult choice. Each situation, whether in a personal or professional setting, may require its own particular decision-making process.

This  training explores the many issues that may arise for people living with HIV in deciding when and how to disclose their status.  We discuss strategies for supporting disclosure in a number of professional settings including, but not limited to, counseling and testing, patient navigation, and HIV clinical services.  Participants learn how to apply a four-step model that can support HIV-positive clients in disclosing their HIV status. The course will also promote the benefits of safer sex strategies such as condom use, medical treatment and adherence, and PrEP as a means to help reduce HIV transmission regardless of decisions to disclose.

Quotes from Previous Participants

I will use the information learned in this training while giving HIV disclosures, and discussing concerns of people living with HIV

I felt the training was beneficial re: cultural competency for people living with HIV.