Group Facilitation

The ability to facilitate a group well is an acquired skill. It includes the ability to provide a safe environment, acknowledge and validate a multiplicity of viewpoints and, when appropriate, facilitate an inclusive decision-making process. Successful facilitation skills can help a wide variety of providers in their work including those:

• delivering evidence-based interventions,
• working with multi-disciplinary meetings to set policy standards,
• working on strategic planning with health jurisdictions, and
• mobilizing communities to create increased access to care, decrease health disparities and empower clients.

Through this 2-day interactive and engaging training, attendees have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other as well as the presenters in a safe and supportive environment. Attendees will learn effective strategies that can be incorporated into their role as a facilitator, presenter, or community speaker.

This training is appropriate for any health department affiliate that wants to improve their skill in effectively facilitating a group.

Quotes from Previous Participants

The training was excellent! A very informative training. I learned a tremendous amount of skills.

I’ve learned facilitating is different than training and now how to apply my past and new skills I’ve learned.