Developing Structural Interventions

Social determinants of health are gaining attention as important factors to address in HIV prevention, treatment and care programs.  These determinants, such as racism, homophobia, lack of education, poverty and inadequate housing are thought to contribute to the vast HIV infection disparities in the United States.  Structural interventions (SIs) can influence social determinants by increasing availability, accessibility and/or acceptability of HIV resources and services.  They can also provide effective mechanisms for organizational change. This two-day course uses didactic and interactive exercises to apply SI concepts to HIV prevention, treatment and care programs.  Focusing on the HIV Prevention in Care Continuum, participants will use a specialized logic model to develop a plan for implementing a structural intervention in their work setting.
Quotes from Previous Participants

I will definitely be using the knowledge gained from this training to improve my interactions with the clients I serve.

I will be able to use all of the content of this training at work as well as in my personal life.