Helping to analyze organizational challenges and create action plans for improved overall outcomes.

Group Facilitation

The skills to effectively facilitate a group include the ability to provide a safe environment, acknowledge and validate a multiplicity of viewpoints and, when appropriate, facilitate an inclusive decision-making process. This training is appropriate for beginning as well as experienced facilitators.

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Strength-Based Approach

This model or approach marks a shift from a traditional deficit-based perspective to one which recognizes clients’ strengths and competencies.

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Understanding Boundaries

The ability to set and maintain boundaries is critical to ensure effective and successful interactions with clients as well as colleagues.

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Social Determinants of Health

This course describes the relationship that social determinants have on health outcomes and explores strategies to effectively address them.

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Developing Structural Interventions

Structural Interventions (SIs) can influence social determinants by increasing availability, accessibility and/or acceptability of HIV resources and services.   They can also provide effective mechanisms for organizational change.

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