Face to Face Trainings

Our trainings are customized for our audiences and developed with attention to adult learning theory including clear objectives and useful evaluation methods. We use a combination of didactic and interactive modalities with an emphasis on relevant and useful materials.

Clinical STD Trainings

STD clinical training courses provide up-to-date information to public and private clinicians who diagnose, treat and manage patients with STDs and HIV.

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Managing Unconscious Bias

We increase your ability to understand and manage unconscious stereotypes in order to help you build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive organization.

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Disease Intervention

Services designed to enhance the skills of disease intervention specialists and prevention counselors as well as federal, state, and local public health professionals, especially those working in STD/HIV prevention programs. Courses are designed to support STD and HIV prevention programs at state, local, and community levels.

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Health Inequities

Understanding and addressing the ways in which larger social and economic issues such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation, education, and living conditions contribute to differences in health outcomes.

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HIV Trainings

Access the latest resources, guidelines and most effective approaches in the world of HIV.

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Organizational Health

Helping to analyze organizational challenges and create action plans for improved overall outcomes.

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