Evaluation at the California Prevention Training Center

May 9, 2017

By Stacy Vogan

A foundational role of the Evaluation Unit at the CAPTC is to amplify the voices of our community partners and the providers with whom we work. How do we amplify these voices? By listening…

Listening to those most impacted by a health issue is a crucial component towards achieving health equity.

We utilize evaluation data to listen to the diverse perspectives and insights of those we serve; to gain a clearer understanding of the nuances and multi-layered challenges and strengths that reside within communities; and to enable the CAPTC and our community partners to more clearly identify where capacity building is most needed and where we can best support the resiliency and strengths inherent in all communities.

Integrating this community driven insight and knowledge into our work impacts not only the capacity of those receiving our services, but plants the seeds to develop sustainable capacity that continues to serve the needs and visions of the communities we serve.

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